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Horses and People Helping Each Other

The horse program at the State Farm Work Center in Goochland County was operated by a local board of volunteers for twelve years as the James River chapter of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. The program was highly successful and received the Excellence in Government Award for Public-Private Partnerships from the VCU School of Government and Public Affairs in 2019.

In the fall of 2019, the local board reorganized as the James River Horse Foundation. The core mission is the same, to rehabilitate former race horses, adopt them out if possible, otherwise care for them for life.

At the same time, the Virginia Department of Corrections changed the work force at the State Farm Work Center from men to women. We now have our first class of women learning to care for horses and growing in the process.


2019 Board of Directors

A board of volunteers directs the James River Horse Foundation, and the Deep Run Hunt Club very graciously donates their clubhouse for quarterly meetings. The program is further supported by many other volunteers from the equestrian community of Goochland and surrounding counties.

Mary Atkinson


Linda Boggs

Board Member

Janet Dibbs

Board Member

Jennifer Ernst

Adoption Coordinator

Karen Fowler


Randall Hagan

Board Member

Pam Johnson

Board Member

Thomas Newton, DVM

Board Member

Stephanie Nixon

Board Member

Janis Paiva

Recording Secretary

Rodney Perry

Board Member

Scott Richeson

Corresponding Secretary

Debby Thomas

Vice President

Anne Tucker

Board Member

Cynthia Weldon

Program Manager


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