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Adopted by Anne Tucker

Clem is one of 80 horses saved several years ago from the Peaceable Farms “rescue” operation in Virginia and he came to us at TRF James River.

One of our board members, Anne Tucker always kept her eye on Clem, waiting for the opportunity to give him his second chance.

Clem has had his first client and has became an official therapy horse, now ready to help people overcome disabling conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and other traumas faced by veterans, police officers, first responders, domestic abuse victims, and others.

Clem is participating in Tucker’s newly launched equine-assisted therapy program, Through the Gate, at Bowles Knob Farm in Hanover County, Va.

After years spent helping prisoners learn new skills and break down emotional barriers, Clem, at age 13, has found his final calling.

Clem: Meet the Team
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