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Red Sox Fever & Sweet Olympio

About Us


Red Sox is a 2004, 16.1h chestnut gelding, and Olympia is a 1999 16h chestnut mare   This couple is inseparable   Like her name, Olympia is a wonderfully sweet mare, who is generally easy to manage. In the last few years, Olympia has slowly been losing her sight, predominantly in her left eye, and so needs someone sensitive to that. She cannot be separated from Red Sox and will become distraught if she cannot see him.  Red Sox has significant arthritic changes to an old race induced knee injury.  Red Sox has a strong personality and needs a confident handler to see his sweet and loving side. He is handsome and can be very entertaining with his antics and curious nature.   This pair is looking for a loving home together.

Red Sox Fever: About Us
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