Want to help but not in a position to adopt? The James River Horse Foundation sponsorship option might be just right for you.

Our Sponsorship Program is designed for people who are not able to adopt, but want to make a difference for a horse in need.

The average annual cost of care for a JRHF horse is $2,500, which provides food, shelter, vet care and certification classes for the women in the program. Each horse in our herd is deserving of the best care and your donations help make that possible.

If you are unable to provide a loving home and adopt a horse at this time, here’s the next best thing we hope you’ll consider. We welcome our sponsors to visit their sponsored horse on our monthly Sponsor Days, and we’ll happily provide an update if you are not able to visit.

This is an annual program offering the following levels of sponsorship (all donations are tax deductible):
•Platinum- $208 per month ($2,500 annually)
•Gold- $100 per month ($1,200 annually)
•Silver- $55 per month ($660 annually)
•Copper- $45 per month ($540 annually)
•Bronze- $30 per month ($360 annually)

Any level of sponsorship may also be purchased by multiple people or a group (like a Pony Club!), and payments can be made in installments throughout the year. All sponsorship levels make a difference in helping us care for the horses in our program, and are greatly appreciated. And don’t forget, sponsorships make great gifts for your horse-loving friends and family!

In return for sponsorship, you will receive the following benefits:
•Photograph of your horse
•Detailed five-generation pedigree
•Visits at the barn with your sponsored horse

Should you choose to sponsor, you may send a check made payable to “James River Horse Foundation” and a note with the name of the horse you’ve chosen and mail to: James River Horse Foundation; PO Box 346 Oilville, VA 23129.

For additional information about sponsorship, contact Jennifer Ernst, Adoption Coordinator for James River Horse Foundation, at StateFarmHorses@aol.com.

*In addition to the un-adoptable horses below, most of our Pasture Mates are also available for sponsorship*

Covert Action

Jonathons Gal

Multiple Choice

Safeway Sandy


PO Box 346 Oilville, VA 23129

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