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Support the Horses and Women

Want to interact with the horses and the woman who care for them? Become a James River
Horse Foundation Sponsor and help provide lifetime care for the horses and critical re-entry
skills for the women.

As a Sponsor, you can attend monthly Sponsor Days at Barn 4, where you meet different horses
in the herd, get to the know the women caring for them and participate in fun, interactive
activities. Social events for our Sponsors are also offered occasionally throughout the year.
The average annual cost of care for a JRHF horse is $2,500. This provides provides food, shelter
and vet care for the horses, and certification classes for the women in the program. The
following annual sponsorship levels are available:

• Triple Crown – $208 per month ($2,500 annually)
• Virginia Classic – $100 per month ($1,200 annually)
• Winner’s Circle – $55 per month ($660 annually)
• Pacesetter – $45 per month ($540 annually)
• Sprinter – $30 per month ($360 annually)

All sponsorship levels make an impact in the lives of the horses and the women, and are greatly
appreciated. All donations are tax deductible, and payments can be made in installments
throughout the year. And don’t forget, sponsorships make great gifts for your horse-loving
friends and family!

To become a Sponsor, send a check payable to “James River Horse Foundation” to: James River
Horse Foundation, PO Box 346 Oilville, VA 23129. For additional information about individual
and corporate sponsorship, contact us at