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Royal Saluki

Adopted by Jennifer Berdell

Jennifer adopted the tall, beautiful (but very thin), dark brown ex-racehorse named “Royal Saluki” for two reasons. First, despite his poor body condition and half-mast eyelids...she saw a sparkle and softness in his big brown eyes the day they first met. Secondly, despite the fact his racehorse muscles had disappeared after an injury ended a successful racing career, his beautiful gaits and the appearance he was floating as he trotted made her envision them showing in the Hunter Divisions around Virginia.

The name “Take A Chance” seemed very appropriate (because she was!) as she signed paperwork at a boarding barn for her newly adopted horse. The following months of grooming, nutrition planning, lessons with great professionals, exercise, practice, and training developed a stunning, glowing show horse who enjoyed his new job. The two jumped around many Hunter Courses over the years and earned many ribbons. “Chance” loved jumping so much, Jennifer decided to see how he felt about jumping logs and other small obstacles in a Cross-Country field for some variety.

Well, this was a good idea... Chance became just as good of an eventing horse as hunter horse. Chance’s bravery, work ethic, and heart from the racetrack translated well to the eventing world. The two enjoyed many years competing in local Horse Trials as well as USEA (United States Eventing Association) events from Maryland to South Carolina.

“Taking a Chance” was a rewarding experience for both Jennifer and this ex-racehorse.

Royal Saluki: Meet the Team
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