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Becky's Testimonial

Hap’s Online “Happy”

May I introduce you to this lovely mare with the given name Hap’s Online, although we just call her “Happy.” She is a chestnut mare, standing 16h tall and flashy as can be. She was foaled in 2006 by Hap out of Madeline Misses U.

Happy came to James River as a 4 year old filly after her short show jumping career. She had many trust issues but slowly she came around. I have been Happy’s groom for a little over 2 years now, and to say she has stolen my heart would be a huge understatement! She really is your typical 15 year old girl, with her curiosity, sassiness and occasional mood swings. She was very rambunctious and even downright, unruly when we first met, but over time we have found common ground. She made me work very hard to earn her trust and she shows me daily how great it feels knowing that I have.

I can say 110% that this horse and this program have changed my life and changed me in so many positive ways. From communication to self assurance, and everything in between. This program is growing us in ways that we may not even realize. I know that I can say that I am a better human because of it and I am very grateful and so appreciative of all of those who make it possible! I get to spend my days taking care of this amazing girl, which is awesome, yes. But what is amazing is that it turns out, she’s taking care of me!


Becky's Testimonial: Meet the Team
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